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PCOS Specialist in Greater Noida

PCOS Specialist in Greater Noida​

Ghai Healthcare provides women with a range of medical treatments, including specialized PCOD/PCOS treatment in Greater Noida. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome are most frequently throughout their reproductive years, from 15 to 45. It affects the ovaries in the female reproductive system, which are in charge of creating eggs and hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

If you’re in need of a PCOS Specialist in Greater Noida, Dr. Aditi Ghai is the ideal choice for you. Book your appointment today with her if you are facing any issues regarding PCOD/PCOS.

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PCOS Specialist in Greater Noida

Why Choose Ghai Healthcare?

At Ghai Healthcare, our expert gynecologist has been working in the field of women’s reproductive health for the last 18+ years. She is skilled and experienced in dealing with any kind of women’s health-related issues. Moreover, our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities to provide accurate and affordable treatment, so if you’re in search of a PCOS specialist in Greater Noida, schedule an appointment with our gynecologist today.

Question and Answers

What is PCOS?

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

If I had PCOS, will it affect my pregnancy?

It could affect your pregnancy as it is a hormonal imbalance, it can affect your normal ovulation and could cause infertility in females.

In which group of age PCOS could happen?

PCOS usually happens when your menstrual cycle get started.

Where I can find an expert PCOS specialist?

Dr. Aditi Ghai is an expert PCOS specialist in Greater Noida with an experience of 18+ years.

PCOS Specialist in Greater Noida

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